Replenishing Facial Toner - Je Suis Collagène® Reconstitution Du Visage Toner Pour Le Visage 100ML

Je Suis Collagène® Replenishing Facial Toner is gentle, stimulating, and refreshing.  Carefully curated natural ingredients complete the cleansing process by restoring minerals, moisture, and PH balance.
• Soothing, Protective: Natural Glycerin
• Moisturizing, Emollient: Lichen Extract
• Provides Suppleness: Marine Collagen
• Provides Elasticity: Marine Elastin
• Restores Minerals: Sea Water
For best results, apply Je Suis Collagène® Replenishing Facial Toner, after using our Line Diminishing Facial Cleanser.  Apply liberally on a cotton pad and wipe the skin using slight pressure with an upward stroke. Can be applied every 2 hours for PH balance. Use with our Shore Magic® Premium Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein Powder for the greatest impact on your skin.
Beauty from the inside and out. Experience the Magic!

EAN: ​​3715678771196

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